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Record, composite, transcribe

Dyte enables your users to record all the participants and their interactions during a video call or live stream for storage or on-demand viewing.


Dyte’s complete recording suite

Help users maximize their content's impact with Dyte's dynamic, customizable recordings tailored to their brand's needs.

Customize recording UI

Tailor your recordings' appearance, dimensions, and layout to fit your brand or specific presentation style.

User-friendly interface

Simplify usage with RESTful API calls for starting, stopping, and managing video/voice recordings.

Interactive recording

Craft an engaging on-demand video experience with embedded chapter markers, subtitles, and captions.

Individual track preservation

Record separate video tracks per participant with Dyte's dedicated mode, perfect for professional video editing.

Reliable backup storage

In the event of third-party cloud storage issues, recordings can be set to automatically stored securely on Dyte's cloud server.

Transcription services

Leverage transcription capabilities inside Dyte SDK to convert the recorded content into accurate text.

Broad compatibility

Easily integrate with and send the recorded file to popular cloud providers like S3, Azure, GCP, SFTP, and DO.

Breakout room recordings

Give users the option to individually record the conversations taking place in the breakout room of the live session.

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Dynamic recording layouts

Simultaneously record in multiple formats for any orientation and configuration, including composite and individual tracks. 

recording 101

How Dyte recordings work

See how we use virtual bots and APIs for
meeting recordings, storage, and retrieval.

Virtual bot recording
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Dyte's virtual bot users join your meeting, recording it using H.264 and VP8 codecs and then uploading it to our AWS S3 bucket.

Recording storage
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Once recorded, the meeting file is securely stored in Dyte's AWS S3 bucket, ready for access and download.

Accessing the recording
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Retrieve the downloadable link for your recording via the Fetch details of a recording API or the Developer Portal.

Receiving status updates
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Stay updated on the recording status using the ‘recording.statusUpdate’ webhook or the Fetch active recording API.

Download and storage
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Download the file from the provided URL and store it in your cloud storage. Note: You can also download the file from the Developer Portal within 7 days.

Cloud storage options
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Transfer your recordings to AWS S3, Azure, GCP, SFTP, and DigitalOcean storage. Preconfigure storage settings via the Developer Portal or API.


Compliant with Global Privacy Standards

Secure data management and ensure HIPAA and GDPR compliance with targeted storage.

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