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We’re Serious About Security

We've embedded security into all aspects of Dyte — from our software to our operations to ensure our infrastructure is reliable and your data is protected. 


What we offer

At Dyte, we've implemented robust security measures coupled with advanced encryption practices to ensure your data remains safe no matter where it is.  

Adherence to strict standards
Dyte adheres to the stringent requirements of SOC2 Type I, fulfilling the Trust Services Criteria set by the AICPA.
Built-in security from the ground up
Dyte operates on a resilient, multi-cloud infrastructure, choosing providers recognized for superior security measures and rigorous data protection policies.
Advanced encryption practices
Dyte employs AES-256 encryption, the gold standard for data security, to protect your information at rest and in transit.
GDPR compliance
We provide transparency and control over your data while ensuring that all data processing aligns with EU privacy laws.
HIPAA-ready framework
Dyte is designed to secure protected health information. So healthcare providers & patients can communicate with confidence
Enforced security protocols
Our team is rigorously screened through background checks and receives regular training on security protocols and incident response. 

Advanced security
features in Dyte

Dyte's video SDK prioritizes advanced security protocols to safeguard communications, ensuring data privacy.

JWT HS256 user authentication

Dyte SDK utilizes JWT HS256 for secure user authentication, ensuring verified tokens for reliable identification within video sessions.

dTLS AES 256-bit media encryption

Dyte SDK uses dTLS with AES 256-bit encryption for secure media data transit, ensuring a private video conferencing experience.

End-to-End encryption

Dyte offers end-to-end encryption for video calls, ensuring only communicating parties can decrypt and view content, prioritizing user privacy.

Built on safe languages

Dyte SDK uses typesafe, memory-safe languages, minimizing security risks, ensuring a robust, modern, and secure codebase for video conferencing.

Secure database access via ORMs

Dyte SDK's architecture utilizes ORMs for database interactions, significantly reducing the risk of SQL injection attacks and enhancing the system's overall security.

Our partners

We built Dyte with partners who take security as seriously as we do. 

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