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Video SDK for Driving Higher Interactions in Social Platforms

Spark lively interactions among the users of your app with real-time video calls, rich chat, and captivating live video streams.


Socially amplified, live & lively

Foster vibrant social interactions with Dyte video and chat SDKs' socially charged features.

Custom experiences

Drop-in audio rooms? Done. Live video chat with strangers? Done. 1-1 calls with friends? Done. Wow users by building all live social experiences inside your app.

Robust infrastructure

Get a high level of performance even under heavy load from users thanks to our global servers and advanced technology like smart bandwidth switching.

Switching modes

Enable seamless transitions for users from text chats to audio calls, elevating to engaging video calls and ultimately streaming their conversations to thousands.


Boundless social experiences powered by live

Unleash the potential of live interactions to create dynamic and immersive social experiences with our video and chat SDKs.     


Help users expand their reach by enabling them to stream live from your platform to popular social platforms with RTMP or HLS output.


Enable live stream hosts to collaborate with multiple other people for interactive and diverse events.

Adaptive bitrate 

Deliver smooth, uninterrupted live experiences to users across geographies, regardless of network conditions or the device. 

Works across devices

Let users talk on chat, start a call or stream directly from web browsers without additional software.


Gain valuable insights from viewer behaviour, engagement metrics, and performance data.

Immersive rich chat 

Allow users to express themselves creatively in meaningful conversations beyond plain text, incorporating rich interactive elements.


Revolutionize social experiences with real-time interactions
across diverse use cases powered by Dyte.

Shape the user’s experience your way with our no-code UI builder or start building fresh with our code SDKs.

~ $500K
Engg. cost saved
Calls per week

Dyte is easy to work with, fast to integrate and great in providing developer support. We enjoy the product integration to serve our global community and excited to continue this between ADPList and Dyte! ”

Felix Lee
Co-Founder and CEO at ADPList

Interactive tools for your virtual classroom 


Any platform, any device;
all it takes is minutes