Video and Chat SDK for Igniting In-game Player Connections

Implement immersive in-game communication to drive deeper connections between groups of gamers to boost engagement.

Gaming Redefined

Keep gamers engaged

Elevate gaming experience by enabling players to express reactions, cheer and socialize while playing. 

Wide platform support

Make your games more collaborative and interactive by integrating real-time voice, video & chat across any platform — mobile devices, web and desktops.

Low latency

Help gamers experience near real-time live immersive gaming environments with low latency video and audio.     

Massive scale

Maximize the number of online gamers communicating in your games through our globally scaled infrastructure that offers 99.99% uptime. 


Powerful tools for game developers

Build a gaming app with effortless in-game communication and collaboration, packed with ready-to-use features with video and chat SDK.

Real-time conversation

Enable seamless video connections between players through low-latency high-quality audio & video.

Custom user interface

Use Dyte's UI Kit to create a customized user interface or leverage the Core SDK to develop personalized live experiences within your games.     

Chat baked in

Boost social engagement by utilizing Dyte's Chat SDK enabling one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many text interactions.

Rich analytics

Improve social gaming experience and foster a stronger community by leveraging analytics collected from in-game conversations.

Spatial audio

Immerse players in a lifelike gaming experience with spatial audio, enabling realistic soundscapes in the virtual environment.


Essential tools for your fitness platform


Dyte covers all gaming environments

Craft an extensive social experience within your game with a comprehensive range of plugins, smooth and jitter-free live video.     

Shape the user’s experience your way with our no-code UI builder or start building fresh with our code SDKs.

~ $500K
Engg. cost saved
Calls per week

Dyte has one of the best product offerings in town - from free trials to the incredibly easy integration, to it's reliable customer support team. This is one of the best teams I've worked with externally. ADPList is a proud partner of Dyte and we use this solution to help us power mentorship around the globe.

Felix Lee
Co-Founder and CEO at ADPList

Any platform, any device;
all it takes is minutes

Build immersive gaming experiences