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Dyte accelerates your journey to live video integration, offering enterprise class scalability, HD call quality, and extensive customization in a single, efficient SDK.

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WebRTC is the backbone of today's video conferencing. It's open-source, decked out with low-latency connections, encryption and universally compatible with browsers and devices.

Throw in seamless VoIP and video integration, and you've got a toolkit developers won't bypass when adding real-time video to their apps.


And yet, despite its strengths in real-time communication, WebRTC has considerable challenges that can restrict its practicality when integrating it in your application.  

Limited scalability
WebRTC's scalability is limited, typically supporting only 3 or 4 participants in a call.

Increasing this limit necessitates complex server forwarding, creating a hurdle for larger group interactions.

Highly scalable
Dyte's server-side media stack is designed for scalability.

It intelligently identifies active meeting participants, optimizing media stream transmission and enabling smooth participation in calls with 500 participants, even for users with poor network conditions.

Fluctuating call quality
The diverse environments from which participants join a call can lead to latency, packet loss, and compatibility challenges.

These variables require intensive optimization efforts to ensure consistent call quality.

Superior call quality
With Dyte's SDK, you can leave call quality worries behind.

We’ve extensively analyzed various device types to ensure consistent, high-quality audio and video across all of them, delivering a seamless communication experience to your customers.

Restricted customization
The use of multiple SDKs for different features makes customization a lengthy process.

Furthermore, meeting-specific technical challenges for varied use cases, like webinars or audio rooms, complicate customization even more.

Complete customization
Dyte's SDKs offer thorough customization options.

With separate UI components and granular control over user permissions; you can tailor your live video solution to your unique use-cases, empowering you to create applications with personalized design and functionality.

Complex configuration
The need for manual configuration of STUN/TURN servers, along with monitoring of media servers based on active rooms, imposes complexity.

Optimizing network paths for different user types adds to this intricate configuration process.

Simple configuration
Dyte simplifies the configuration process with its robust backend infrastructure built on multiple cloud providers.

You can easily set up and configure the SDK in minutes, streamlining the integration process and saving valuable development time.

High development costs
With the necessity of running regional edge servers for low latency, costs escalate.

Furthermore, add-on features like meeting recording require dedicated infrastructure for processing video data, further amplifying maintenance costs.

Budget friendly
With Dyte you get a cost-effective solution by abstracting infrastructure setup, development and maintenance costs.

By bundling all the necessary components under one SDK, we offer an affordable option for developers, eliminating the need for complex and expensive infrastructure setups.

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