Elevate Mobile App Experience with Dyte

React Native video SDK

Introduce live video to your mobile applications with our React Native video SDK, opening doors to immersive real-time conversations.

Why Dyte?

Why Dyte’s React Native Video SDK?

Enhance live video experiences using our React Native SDK, tailored for mobile efficiency, real-time insights, and dynamic interactions.


Leveraging platform-specific APIs, we provide a tailored solution optimized for mobile GPU & CPU cycles, ensuring efficient video rendering & processing.

React Native SDK integration  

Developed with a deep understanding of the React Native ecosystem. Use native modules and JavaScript bridges for optimal performance and minimal resource overhead.

Granular analytics 

Gain insights into participant engagement by analyzing the call metrics like join and leave time, session duration, chats sent, and more.

Comprehensive feature set

Our SDK brings together a vast set of features to pick — from real-time messaging to fine-grained user permission controls, catering to diverse user scenarios.

Event-driven observability

Implement event listeners and handlers that tap into in-app events and activities. Benefit from real-time event streams and asynchronous feedback loops.

Clean codebase

Adhering to SOLID principles and best practices, our SDK promotes modularity and maintainability, simplifying integration and future updates.

Built for React

Crafted specifically for React, our SDK ensures an easy and streamlined addition to all your React applications, enhancing performance.

Advanced analytics

Get access to thorough user engagement metrics such as user interactions, session duration, user join/leave, and more to understand call effectiveness.

Full of features

No shortage of tools here: enjoy features like dynamic in-app messaging, precise user controls, and quick, engaging polls to boost user interaction.

Track events

Keep your finger on the pulse. Our detailed event tracking offers insights into room activities, user behavior, and overall participation trends.

Interactive tools

Elevate user experience with our suite of interactive tools: engage in real-time chats, gain a comprehensive view of participants, and make instant setting tweaks.

Clean code

Our emphasis on clean, structured coding means you get an SDK that's easy to integrate and ensures scalable growth for all your projects.

faster development
2 weeks
time required to go-live

“💖 We had really smooth and quick integrations few months back using dyte for our international tech conference.Much appreciate the amazing work and eye for detail 😃”

Sahil Mhapsekar
India Organizer at React India

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